Where is OCAAT Book Two?

So, Book Two of OCAAT will probably be released next year, 2018. Why so long you ask? The answer is because OCAAT Book One was really difficult for me to write. I’ve probably written it at least six or seven times, so many different versions of it, as I tried to figure out how to put to paper what’s in my head. Then there’s the fear that I will be the only one that understands it, and pushing my self to write it anyway. And I think I was also working through my mom’s death. It has impacted me in ways I didn’t expect. Anyway at the end of OCAAT Book One, I was tired, lol and I needed a break.

Writing In the Weeds, was my break. It was fun, and the fastest first draft of any story I’ve written thus far. The first draft done in a month. That is fast for me, and it’s really just the first step in a long line of revisions. I usually end up publishing draft six or seven by the time I’m done. That’s if I don’t change the story, which I also do. It takes me that long. What can I say. It’s a process. It’s my process.

In the Weeds is the first of a five part series. It’s a time travel series. I’m updating In The Weeds Chapter’s ONE and TWO weekly as I revise the manuscript, so check them out, see if you can spot the changes from week to week. Or not, lol!

Thanks for the emails, for your encouragement and support.

In the meantime, live in love!



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