All Hail the Plain Jane’s

I received an email a few months ago, from a fan, I guess, wanting to know why I didn’t write my heroines as beautiful. Why were the women in my stories written as plain? Why…Why…why? What did I have against beautiful African American women?

Well first off, I didn’t realize that all the women in my stories were written as plain Jane’s. I wrote some attractive ones in there too, I thought, but anyways. The emailer went on to say that there were lots of beautiful African American women in the world, and that all I needed to do was step out side my door to find them, which is true, I have to agree with her in that there are lots of beautiful African American women in the world. Actually there are beautiful women of all types, stipes, colors, shapes, and sizes in the world, just as there are also many that are not considered beautiful, at least not in the conventional sense.

I like beautiful things as much as the next person, but looks aren’t everything, and beauty is only skin deep, and pretty is as pretty does, and what’s behind the skin is much more important to me…what I find most interesting and eventually so do the heroes in my stories. It’s a preference of mine I guess, sometimes.

I like the everyday, regular girl, and why can’t they get the good looking hero’s too sometimes. I’m just saying. I find that in most romance books i’ve read, the women tend to be written as over the top-model beautiful, on top of their games, sexy, confident, kick ass, and of course dressed to the nines, which is cool, I get it, but it makes me tired, having to be all of that, let along having to write it all the time.

I’m much more interested in writing women who have faults, flaws, quirks, but who are happy with themselves, who know and love themselves, mostly they accept themselves, warts and all, and who are willing to take chances in their lives. Believe me, some men find that attractive.

And all of that to say this…I really enjoy writing and feel most humble that people enjoy what I write and are willing to pay to read it. Love getting emails from people who appreciate what I do, and like my stories, but make no mistake, I write what makes me happy, what I like to read.

So sorry, but unfortunately the tales of the quirky ugly ducklings plain Jane’s with swan tendencies will continue, along with tales of the not so plain ones, or what ever else I decide to write. It’s my party and I can cry if I want to… I know, that was so out of left field Ruthie, but what can I say, that’s me too.

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