I love the ease and simplicity of creating covers with Rebecca Swift, Actually it’s she that does the creating, I just send her an email with a synopsis of the story and she takes it from there. What you see below is an example of what I receive from her in return. Two choices that I usually like equally.  Beside writing, this is my second most favorite thing to do in getting my books to you.

Below are the two choices for the Do Over’s cover, along with Rebecca’s notes.

I selected the second cover, the box filled with keys for the Do Over’s cover. It should be posted on the website in the Coming Soon section along with the first chapter of the book within the month.


Attached please find two concepts to consider for Do Overs. Please take a look, don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.

The first concept uses an open suitcase, to expand on the box them, with a wooden heart inside. The heart is covered in gears and there is a light shining upon it. The suitcase brings to mind travel, change in location, and the heart represents the complicated but beautiful interconnectedness of its own nature. The bright white background allows your name to stand out well, and the dark case allows the title to sit well on top of it. Your More Than Skin tag looks like its been burned into the wood. Overall, this cover has a nice vibe to it, allowing the eyes to wander and the mind to wonder.

For the second cover, the box is different, an open wooden box. Inside the box are keys for some symbolic reference. The colors are warm and inviting, and the open box with keys, invoke warm and exiting feelings. The colors are different and the placement allows each bit of text to stand out against the background. The light and shadow add to the visual interest and depth of mood. Overall, this cover is really inviting with a lot of visual interest.

DoOvers2 copy-page-001



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