GamesWePlayFrontFnlSquareBBMoney may not be the root of all evil, but for Barnabus Lee Cooper (Coop), the recipient of his family’s vast fortune, it can be a burden. Coopersville, located in Central Texas, is home to his ancestor’s dark past, and the acts of his family still loom over his future. Coop is seeking two things in a woman– someone who can see beyond the money to the man beneath, and someone he can trust with his past.

Kendall Edwards, a professor of Business at the University is weary. Having grown up under the hands of an opportunistic mother, for whom the lure of money was everything, she wants as far away from that as she can get. But no matter how hard she seems to try, she is always pegged as her mother’s daughter.

Can these two get past their family’s legacies and find the best in each other? Sometimes apples do fall far from the tree.