Humans We Are

I ran into an old friend the other day at a local Taco place. I ❤️ tacos, especially the breakfast kind. Anyway, she and I volunteered a lot at our kids school when they were young. We were always volunteering to sell sodas at the game, and there were a lot of games in which to sell soda and gatorade, believe me. Her kids and mine were athletic, volleyball, basketball, soccer, see lots of chances to man the concession stands as it was a small school.

Anyway, on this particular day, she and with her husband were at the taco place to meet  their oldest daughter, an adult woman with children of her own. Time truly flies. Her daughter married an African American man and she is white, and as you would expect the kids are a mix of both.

When the grandkids arrived, the oldest grand daughter was the first through the door. She did what all grandchildren do, ran straight for her grandmother’s arms. The other two younger children did the same soon after.

From the outside, they didn’t really appear to belong together, those little brown children and an older white woman, at least not in skin color, but by the way they loved each other they were a perfect fit.

It was really wonderful to see, and it reminded me, once again, that we are all humans and we can choose to see it that way any time we want.


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