Jayla and the IT Guy

Jayla checked her phone again for messages. Racy should be here by now. Eight forty-five and what the hell and why wasn’t she answering her phone? The front door opened, and it was him. Lee Chin and not her boss, looking his usual fine self, carrying that black leather back pack she coveted but could not afford. Tall with cheekbones to die for, tight chest under his sweater, jeans that could use a little more backside, she thought, but that was her thing. She was staring, but so was he. His more shit-eating grin than a smile.

“What?” He said. She was staring at him again, like all he had to do was ask, which was crazy at odds with the scorn she dished out on the regular when he was near. He smiled internally, cause he knew what that was about as much as she resisted. She was his for the taking if he wanted, but he had other obligations. It was that, and he didn’t shit where he ate, so no. “You’re worried about something?” he said, going for his usual rude, guaranteed to put her back up and protect them both.

“He’s back.”

“Who’s back?” he said, harsher than he intended. She was up standing beside his desk, standing her ground. He so wanted to laugh.

“There’s no need to be rude.”

“Who’s back?” he asked again, volume lowered, although the tone sounded the same rude she thought.

“Mr. Vargas. He’s in Racy’s office. Alone, doing I don’t know what? It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let him in. I just didn’t know how to stop him and I didn’t want to call Dwayne `cause who knows how long he’d take or maybe not. He got here pretty fast the last time.”

“He’s in her office now?” Lee said, cutting through all her chatter or he’d be here all day. He set his bag on his desk and headed toward Racy’s office.

“Where are you going?” she asked, to his back, the legs on that man and he was halfway there. He didn’t stop, nor did he answer her questions, leaving her fuming. After a minute, she tip toe to Racy’s door, now closed and who did he think he was to close her door? She could hear the rumblings of male voices, although she couldn’t make out what they were discussing. She listened a bit longer, debating what to do. To wait out front, or stand here, were her choices. Her phone was on her desk, so back to the front, in case Racy responded where she’d wait for Lee to return. Five minutes turned into twenty before he showed his face again.

“Well?” she asked, watching the same long legs return to his desk.

“Well, what?”

“What were you two talking about?”

“Who says we were talking?”

“I heard you.”

“Snooping?” He said, hoisting his backpack onto his shoulder again.

“I was listening and wait. What are you doing?” She asked, up and over to his desk, her face close enough for him to reach out and kiss if he wanted. He did, but he wouldn’t. She noticed the change and put some space in between her mouth and his.

“I’m leaving.”

“But you just got here.”

“And now I’m leaving.” He said over his shoulder as he moved to the front door. He smiled, cause that messed with her too. “Tell Racy I’ll call her later.”

“You can’t leave.” She said, watching him do just that, leaving her more worried than ever and angry cause this dude so worked her nerves. 

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