My Books

I have always loved romance stories!! First, as an avid reader, and now, as a published author. A belief that we are More Than Skin will always be the heart of my work. The heroine will always be an African American woman, and the heroes will be men of mixed ethnicities and nationalities. I hope you find each story both unique and interesting. 

In addition my goal is to tell a good story that is engaging, entertaining, filled with warmth, humor, sex, and love. Stories that demonstrate that it’s the character of the hero and heroines that ultimately matter.  Their values and their traits are what attract them to each other and it’s those things that mean the most, as we are so much more than skin.

Katrina Jones is Hampton Heights' reigning gardening queen, leading the city to three consecutive competition championships. As she prepares... (read more)

Piper Renee Knight was sole proprietor of two coffee shops located in Austin, Texas. Lights Out Coffee began two and a half years ago as a joint venture with her father Macarthur Knight  (read more)

Reye Jackson is in her senior year at a college in Austin, Texas. The extremely attractive six-foot co-ed has been athletic her entire life, growing up playing select soccer and running track (read more)

Mariah Sullivan is a tattoo-wearing, bruise-covered, kick-ass roller derby girl who doesn’t put up with people who mistreat others. Her fierce  (read more)


When You Fall...Carter Nicole Woodson realized things had gotten out of hand as she stood in front of 300 guests, interrupting the wedding vows of her old boyfriend...
(read more)


A decade can be a long time in the life of a person. More than enough time to recover from the loss of someone you loved. Lucas Quinn sure hoped so.  (read more)


Money may not be the root of all evil, but for Barnabus Lee Cooper (Coop), the recipient of his family’s vast fortune, it can be a burden. (read more)


David Kim is married to his job at his parents’ convenience store company…and it’s the only commitment he wants. So when his parents..  (read more)


Memphis Jones is not thrilled when she’s forced to try out for a women’s football league. Aside from being tragically clumsy, she’d rather be kicking ass in the office than on the football field. (read more)


Henri Novak is at rock bottom. Far from home, trying to save his family’s business from disaster, he must find a way to move forward from his wife’s staggering infidelity. (read more)

Sydney King doesn’t have much in the way of family or money, but she has guts and intelligence in spades, and big dreams for her future. (read more)

Where you start does not have to be where you finish,” describes the coming of age story of two half-sisters, Sydney and Shelby King, as they discover themselves and find love. (read more)

Caleb Jones knows who he wants to be with–beautiful, fierce, independent Nakia Noble. He knows if she gives him one chance, he can prove how incredible they are together. (read more)