An O.C.A.A.T Progress Report


This is a picture of the tail end of Part One of OCAAT’s outline. Scrivener is the software I use. I start with it, and finish up in Microsoft Word. I love Scrivener for the ease in moving around large chunks of material.

I am making progress, although it personally feels like I’m not. OCAAT is the hardest thing I’ve written so far, the most complex thing I’ve written so far, so it makes sense that it takes longer. It is two books that I’m writing, so it makes sense that it takes longer. These are the things I tell myself when I want to give up. I’ve thought about quitting a couple of weeks ago and starting another story, but nope I’m going to finish this.

The book cover and the first chapter should be up on the Coming Soon page in the next couple of weeks. Anyway, back to work.

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