TheOddBallerzFRONTsquareMemphis Jones is not thrilled when she’s forced to try out for a women’s football league. Aside from being tragically clumsy, she’d rather be kicking ass in the office than on the football field. She also has an issue with the coach, who doesn’t seem to like her.

Coach Zachary “Z” Sloan has serious doubts about this Memphis woman. She’s either the worst football player he’s ever seen, or she’s faking. And yet somehow he can’t keep his eyes off her, despite the strict rule against coach-player relationships.

Despite their initial misgivings, Memphis and Z find themselves drawn to each other. Memphis thinks she’s found someone that challenges her; Z thinks he may have found someone he can finally trust. As their attraction to each other grows . . . and they begin to learn each other’s secrets, will their connection be enough?