Online Romance Part 2

LoveWelcome to Part 2 of Golden Cakes and Thunder Buns and their first physical encounter together. I know they have waited a long time for this day to finally happen. Sometimes, true love does happen online, and virtual dating can lead to love, romance and happiness.


The day has come and Golden Cakes is on his way. Thunder Buns is finally going to see him in person for the first time. She felt so excited yet nervous and wondered what to wear?  How to do her hair? Should she wear something sexy or something with easy access? Thunder Buns thought about wearing her hair up but then thought about wearing it down so that he could grab it and pull her into him? The anticipation was killing her. She wanted him here already. She felt like she had waited a life time for this man. Thunder Buns thought with all the chemistry they had online, the sex had to be off the hook from the start, right?

Being with someone new is stressful enough because you’re worried about what he or she will think of your body and if he or she will like what you’re doing. What if you don’t accept the natural mishaps that are bound to happen? Then, they will silently taint the experience. So, if both parties are being playful, and comfortable, those mishaps like him trying to get her bra unhooked, won’t seem so frustrating. What if  they accidentally knock heads? Hahaha, OMG…could you imagine that? Well, they would have to make the best of it and keep going.

The time has finally come and there he is…so handsome so wonderful so tall. Thunder Buns ran right to Golden Cakes and jumped on him as he grabbed her ass to hold her tight on him. They kissed for literally five minutes. She didn’t want to let him go. She knew right there and then that she was in love with this man. He had her at…Hello! She looked into his eyes, she caressed his face and whispered in his ear how happy she was that he came to see her. He looked her in her eyes and said Thunder Buns…there was nothing that would ever stop me from being with you. OMG…she was totally melting. She knew this man had her heart and soul.

They went into their room and continued their romantic evening. He brought her flowers and champagne. She put the champagne on ice and he came up behind her put his hands on her waist and slowly made his way up to her breasts. She knew it was about to go down. She waited so long to have sex…like forever. She turned around and tried not to be too forward but she couldn’t help herself and grabbed his crotch…Thunder Buns slow down!!! He grabbed both her hands and moved them up above her head as he slowly backed her up against the wall…so hot! He started kissing her neck and moved his hands slowly down her arms to her waist and picked her up on to him but against the wall….YES!!! All she could think of at that moment was, one of her fantasies was about to come true…HALLELUJAH!

This man said everything right and did everything right. He made her feel so safe, so loved and so fantastic. Their sex was out of this world, full of passion…she said it was the best love making ever! Their bodies literally intertwined and their legs wrapped around each other so perfectly. His smile was so beautiful and she said she really loves him.

What a wonderful love story. I sure do thank Thunder Buns for sharing with us, her encounter with Golden Cakes. I am so happy it turned out well for them both.



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