On Race- How to Create Yourself One

hiresWelcome to the “How to Create A Race” Series

Thank you for joining us today as we delve into the “How to Create A Race” series. There are various reasons why you might find yourself in this predicament. You’re in need of workers, but you’re without funds enough to pay them, or you need to feel superior to somebody or a bunch of somebodies. Whatever the reason, we’re not here to judge you, we’re here to help you learn the basics of creating a race. So for purposes of this class, let’s just stick to the fact that you find yourself in need of one.

We’ll spend the next few weeks covering more specific topics, like how to make your newly created race stay put and not overthrow your ass, or what systems are required to keep them content and fighting to remain in the box in which you’ve placed them. All necessary and useful topics we’ll explore in detail later.

Today’s discussion will serve as the introduction, and I’ll start by sharing a story with you. It’s a very personal story, and one for purposes of assuring you of my reliability as a race creator instructor. It will also provide you with the big picture, the overall idea of the how this race creating process works.

In my country, let’s call it the USA for grins, we’ve created ourselves the black category. We could not have asked for a more perfect example of the race creation process. It worked perfectly; so much so that the blacks will fight tooth and nail if you attempt to call or consider them as anything other than black. That is just one example of the success we’ve had building our race.

Years ago, my family and my sister’s family moved to a new country, well really, we were kicked out of our old country; debtors, criminals and such were no longer welcome, so we needed a place to start over. You know when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

Anyway, my sister and I purchased our tickets and set sail for the new land. Once we arrived, we each purchased a parcel of land. It was new land, in need of working. Cool, we were okay with that, a little work never hurt nobody and all of that. Anyway she worked hers, and I worked mine. No problem, we were rocking along okay for a while, until we learned how much work was required to get out land into shape and be profitable. It was way harder than we thought. Moving-to-a-new-place-starting-from-scratch-thing is not what it’s cracked up to be. It’s back-breaking work, flat out as hard as Hades. So if some try to sell this idea to you? One world is all I need to tell you. That one word is Run! There was no way we could survive working our plots of land by ourselves, let alone thrive.

So what to do you ask. When you find yourself in this space needing help, with no money to pay for it, well, you do what I did. You create yourself a race to do it for you. You look around at the others that came with you and find something that sets you apart. It’s the trickiest and the most critical part in this whole scheme. You’ve got to find a distinguishing characteristic that you can exploit, a unique trait that set you apart from them. Whatever you decided on, for us it was skin color, it could be hair, or feet, or two toes on the right foot, but it needs to be striking enough a feature that you can create a whole story behind. A story that sets you apart from the group you wish to exploit.

My sister’s color was the perfect trait for us to you.  She lived in the part of our old country that had more sunshine, so her skin was a couple shades darker than mine. It was the perfect trait.See where I’m headed here?We’re the same in any other way, but her colored skin provided the opening I needed. Over time you will need to  add a few more  negative traits only attributed to dark skin, like mentally inferiority, physically built to work the fields. You get the picture.

Now this setting them apart, can’t be done quickly. It takes time. You have to reel them in slowly, by taking away a few of  their rights; not a lot at first, but slowly over time, until there’s no way out and they are stuck, firmly planted into the race you’ve created. It helps if you can find parts of the Bible to give you some cover for their mistreatment. It’ll take a little while to put things in place. It doesn’t happen overnight, this creating yourself a race, so you have to be patient. But eventually my sister became less than me and now, I can put her to work, or whatever I need, to help me thrive, and when her kids grow up, cause they by into this whole system now, they will work for me too, being as we are so different now and all.

Eventually others came around to my way of thinking, as they will with yours, especially if there’s money involved. It has been my experience that things like morals fly out the window when money is involved. It might not take as long these days with social media and all. Marketing is everything now.

Another thing in my favor was the newness of my country. It was an infant when we arrived. It didn’t have many rules. It had some, but they were rules from the country that sponsored our trip. We got rid of them as soon as we could and made up our own rules. And yep, you guessed it. We called our new rules a constitution and baked the new race rule right into it. It’s the best way, really, to spelled it out at the start: I’m the top of the food chain, and my sister is less than me. Yep, it’s official. My sister is not a whole person anymore. She’s three fifths of person. (Side note, you can use what ever fraction you want; three fifths works, as does one fourth. It’s all the same; they don’t count.)

Believe it or not, we rocked and rolled along for almost 100 years before anyone did anything about out system. Yep, unfortunately, not everyone was willing to allow me to treat my sister this way. They could see that it was just me using her for my own nefarious ends, and they forced me change the rules to include her. It’s okay. It was kinda late by then, almost too late. I’m rich and she’s not. Plus, somewhere along the way, I started to believe the bullshit that she was less than me, and you know what, so does she. It’s so solid, this social construct we’ve created. I’ve had 100 years to put things in place that favored me and mine. 100 years of systematically built-in favoritism. 100 years for me to screw over my sister and her family.

That’s the beauty of what I’ve done. Once you get it started, it’s really hard to stop. I no longer need the explicit race rule. It’s no longer just my sister that’s trapped in our new race system. We all are.  We still discuss how my sister is responsible for getting herself here, being used by me, while I tell myself that the 100 year start wasn’t an advantage. And 100 years doesn’t even take into account that after the rules were changed, I didn’t comply, not fully. I fought against it tooth and nail. Still fighting it today, if you can believe that. It’s a perfect story, right?

Okay then, that wraps it up for today. Thank you for attending and I look forward to our next sessions, where we start to dig into the nitty-gritty detail instructions on how to construct your race.

P.S. There is no race, beyond the human one. All else is a lie, a nice, tidy, perfect, and of course, profitable lie, but a lie nonetheless. We are the same. We have always been the same. Human. Until next time, live in love.


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