The Two Groomsmen

Wes Rhymes-is a world-renowned country singer. At thirty-five, he’s seen it all, done it all, and is over it all. He has exactly two loves in his life. His younger brother Noel and making music. Like breathing and eating, he couldn’t imagine a life without either of them. Women. . . well he’s over them too. They come a dime a dozen in the life of a celebrity and he’d bet good money that Noel felt the same too, in music, in women, and in love, until that is, he was asked to be a groomsman in his brother’s wedding, out of nowhere and in a hurry. Wes doesn’t understandLove for them was to be avoided. A mix of fear and helpless need, and all unhealthy. Not an ounce of nutrition to be found in their loveless childhood. He also doesn’t understand the friendship thing with a woman. Until he meets AJ, his brother’s friend from high school, the other groomsman.

AJ, Angie Johnson, has two loves in her life, her best friend and play brother Noel, and her nursing job. Married once and none the better for it, she’s good. The whole happily-ever-after was just one gigantic mess of here today-gone-tomorrow-unreliable. She’s okay keeping all others at a distance, including the handsome Wes Rhymes, the other groomsmen in Noel’s wedding.

Over the course of three weddings, the two groomsmen get to know each other and they learn that maybe there is something to this love and friendship thing after all and maybe love can be what their hearts have hoped for.




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