There is no Race

There Is No Race

I’m on a mission to get rid of it or to at least to bring awareness to it. The death of my aunt, made the limits to my life visible, and with it the need to say what I most want to say, in the way I most want to say it. So this is that start and Race is the topic. It is what interest me most, the notion of it, why it’s here, how it came to be. Is it a real thing, and if it isn’t, how do we get rid of it. Why can’t the races get along, people are always asking. There is no race is my answer. Show me where there is race, not that social construct stuff, which means we’ve decided to make our society based on this. It appears to be a choice that our country has made, and if it’s a choice doesn’t that mean we can un choose to live this way?

Hard that will be, as we have so much tied up in this country to Race, our social construct, not a real thing, but the way our founding fathers set things up, with them at the top of the food chain, and everyone else below, and hard to turn around now it seems. It’s hurting us, this whole race thing, and it continues to divide us and getting rid of it may be the first step in moving toward a more civil and tolerant society. It’s something to consider at least.
Saw a piece on a national news station, a story about blacks and white people getting together to meet and talk and get to know each other. The commentator praised the people who were present for tackling and trying to learn about people of other races. I said out loud into the room, you mean people with different colored skin, not that much different from eye and hair color, but we’ve decided to call it race and use it to separate. I’m not talking culture here, `cause that’s something different and actually a thing, but race, not so much. When I hear people refer to a friend marrying someone of a different race. I shout out in my head. THERE IS NO RACE. We are the same race people. WE ARE HUMANS.

And before you go and get all mad at me, then please tell me…show me, where there is race, and that races are black and white and yellow and red. How about you ask yourself where that started. Do a little research of your own. Who first told you that you were black, and they were white, and more importantly is true?

I didn’t always take this position. I like others, was a race this or a race that person for most of my life. Started writing interracial love stories, because my daughter’s taste in men wasn’t based on skin color. Anyway, since then, I’ve been researching the notion of race, which is where I found out that it isn’t really a thing, but something that’s unique to the U.S. If you find something that says different, let me know, as I’m really on a quest to learn the truth.

Not sure where this is heading, but starting into my search and I have a few ideas I’d like to share, and writing them down helps me think them through. I feel alone in this, I have to tell you. Feel like there are so many other easier things for me to do than bring awareness to this, but it’s been on my brain and my heart for a while now, so I might as well get after it and try.
You’re welcome to weigh in, do a little research of our own if you like, and pass it alone. I’m all for learning and growing. Until later, live in love.

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