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Found this piece written by Richard Ridley, an award-winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor. This is not the entire piece, just the part that resonated with me.

“No one will read your books. That’s what you should tell yourself every time you sit down to write. I don’t think that’s true. In fact, I have every reason to believe that your book will be a bestseller that will break every sales record in the publishing industry. I just don’t want you to write with the reader or how many copies you will sell in mind.

If you start thinking about the reader when you write, you stop thinking about the story you’re writing. What the reader will and won’t like is irrelevant to you as a writer. Your job isn’t to conform to expectations. Your job is to set expectations. You’re own. Be bold if that’s what your story requires. Be fierce if that’s what your story requires. Even be predictable if that’s what your story requires.

It’s an old refrain of mine. You have no obligation except to those characters playing out the madness you’re dreaming up. Think of them and only them when you write. And remember, you’re not doing what’s best for them. You’re using them to fulfill the promise of your story. They are used for the good of the whole. The struggles and conflicts they face are the heartbeat that give your story life. If you construct those struggles and conflict in order to please the reader, you’re writing an uninspired story with an artificial heartbeat.

Don’t find your motivation to write to the reader. Find your inspiration to write in the story you’re creating. If you see it from this perspective, it will be a liberating moment for you as you rush to finish your first draft.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree while not a writer myself but a lover of the written word I completely see the truth there I enjoy the journey each story takes me on unsure where the writer is leading but trusting it will be good Most of my favorite authors current company included are one click and done for me Meaning I buy before reading a blurb or summary because I believe in your gift to create something new n exciting I have never been a fan of formula writers you know the same framework in each book even when those authors are suppose to the best ie national bestsellers I do enjoy a good series where the main characters are the same but each book show take me on a journey ok I am babbling so off my soap box what I meant to say with all that please write what you love and we will be here

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