WillWorkforFoodfrontFnlBBA decade can be a long time in the life of a person. More than enough time to recover from the loss of someone you loved. Lucas Quinn sure hoped so. He’d loved Sirena –crazy loved her, in that my-soul-mate-forever-after-kind of love way and it failed. Big time failed. No worries, though, he moved on and out to California, restarted his life, started his company, and now its ten years later, and he’s hugely successful, engaged to be married, and back in Austin. Finally, it’s time to make amends, to put his past behind him, to right an old wrong, so that his future can finally be his own.

Sirena Wilson is the co- founder for Will Work For Food, a non-profit that supports the homeless population in and around Austin, TX. It’s her life, and she’s proud of it. It’s safe and comfortable, complete with girl friends. So what if they are all over the age of seventy—little old ladies. It’s where she belongs, on the shelf right along with them. She’s has her career, her little old lady friends to take care of her and she them.

It’s enough right? Plus she’s been there and done that with the love thing, travelled that path before and it left her alone and hurt and no way is she going back to that period in her life. What to do with Lucas though, back in town, bringing all those old-not-so-buried-hurts to the fore, along with her not so-buried-long-ago-love, making her question everything. Again.